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Cytological effects of the insecticide tetrachlorvinphos.

The effect of the organophosphorus insecticide tetrachlorvinphos (Gardona) has been studied on the mitosis and meiosis of Vicia faba, using the pure insecticide. An aqueous saturated solution of tetrachlorvinphos affected neither mitosis (after seed-soak and root treatment) nor meiosis (after spraying the plants at the flowering stage). The obtained results may be attributed to the low solubility of tetrachlorvinphos. A saturated solution of tetrachlorvinphos in Tween-60: water mixture (1:99) induced a statistically significant percentage of abnormal cells in root-tip meristems after root treatment for 4 h. Chromosome stickiness, disturbed meta- and anaphases and anaphase bridges were observed.[1]


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