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Elastica-positive material in the atrial endocardium. Light and electron microscopic identification.

The elastic layer of the endocardium is studied in various laboratory animals (mouse, rat, rabbit, cat, and dog) and in man. Coarse elastica-positive fibers form a tightly woven layer in the endocardium of the left atrium; the elastic layer consists of loosely arranged delicate fibers in the endocardium of the right atrium. Electron microscopy shows the elastic material to consist of homogeneous elastin ( E) and of elastic fiber microfibrils (EFM). Elastic material in the endocardium of the left atrium is mainly formed of E with few EFM present. By contrast, the portion of EFM predominated that of E in elastic fibers from the right atrium, where some elastica-positive fibers even appear as pure bundles of microfibrils. This was also observed in human material obtained from aged individuals (8th decennium). It is concluded that EFM are not only progenitors of E but represent an independent fibrous component of the connective tissue.[1]


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