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Glucocorticoid hormone modulation of both cell surface and cytoskeleton related to growth control of rat glioma cells.

We have shown that glucocorticoids reversibly change the growth control of rat C6 glioma cells from a transformed to a normal pattern. Here we report that the glucocorticoid hormone hydrocortisone (Hy) modulates structure and function of cell surface and cytoskeleton. The hormone is shown to cause: (a) increased flattening and adhesion to solid substrates and to fibrin layers, (b) inhibition of the cell shape change triggered by catecholamines and cAMP, (c) extensive fibronectin deposition on normally fibronectinless cells' surface, and (d) microtubule rearrangement. Comparison of Hy-hypersensitive and Hy-resistant variants showed that microtubule rearrangements correlate with the growth control change induced by Hy, whereas fibronectin deposition does not.[1]


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