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CNS--endocrine pancreas system. III. Further studies on the vagal responsiveness to insulin deficiency.

Distribution and activity of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in the neurons of the central vagal nuclei at the level of the medulla oblongata were studied in intact and alloxan-diabetic adult male rats by Gomori's histochemical method. Peculiarities of intracellular distribution of the enzyme in the Nucl. dorsalis n. vagi (ND) and Nucl. ambiguus n. vagi (NA) of intact animals were demonstrated. Changes in the ratio of cholinergic neurons with moderate and strongly-positive AChE staining reactions were revealed in the ND of alloxan-diabetic rats. The dynamics of the changes attested to increased AChE activity of these neurons in response to insulin deficiency. The data obtained are additional evidence for the responsiveness of ND neurons to insulin deficiency, which was demonstrated earlier in alloxan-diabetic rats by karyometry (Akmayev and Rabkina, 1976 b). It is suggested that changes in the plasma glucose or insulin levels may be the stimulus that influences the activity of the ND cholinergic neurons. By means of this mechanism the central vagal nucleus at the medulla oblongata level may be implicated in the feedback control of insulin secretion.[1]


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