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Reversal of acquired resistance to doxorubicin in P388 murine leukemia cells by perhexiline maleate.

The effects of perhexiline maleate on growth and drug sensitivity were studied in the P388 murine leukemia cell line and in an anthracycline-resistant subline (P388/ADR). At noninhibitory concentrations, perhexiline maleate markedly increased the sensitivity of P388/ADR cells to doxorubicin but did not have such an effect on anthracycline-sensitive cells. The effects of perhexiline maleate on P388/ADR cells were reversible. Perhexiline maleate also increased the accumulation of another anthracycline, daunorubicin, in P388/ADR cells but did not increase its accumulation in the anthracycline-sensitive cells. Perhexiline maleate did not affect the sensitivity of either cell line to methotrexate or to 6-mercaptopurine. However, its effects on the sensitivity and on drug accumulation of vinblastine, a drug to which P388/ADR cells are cross-resistant, were similar to those observed for the anthracyclines. Although perhexiline maleate has been reported to be a calcium antagonist in other systems, our data do not suggest that this mechanism is involved in its enhancement of the sensitivity of P388/ADR cells to doxorubicin. We suggest instead that this effect might be associated with alterations of cell lipid metabolism induced by perhexiline maleate.[1]


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