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Temporal and spatial regulation of fibronectin in early Xenopus development.

Pattern formation and temporal control of gene expression in Xenopus development were investigated using fibronectin as a biochemical marker. We determined the spatial localization of fibronectin in the embryo by immunofluorescence and the temporal program of its expression by biosynthesis studies and Western blotting techniques. At the start of gastrulation, fibronectin is localized on the roof of the blastocoel which serves as the surface upon which mesodermal cells will migrate. However, since we find fibronectin secreted by all parts of the embryo, localization is probably achieved through spatially localized receptors that bind secreted fibronectin. Fibronectin levels and fibronectin synthesis rates increase following the midblastula stage. This increase is independent of transcription and therefore involves activation of maternal RNA for fibronectin. Since this message mobilization also occurs in activated but unfertilized eggs, this event must be regulated separately from the midblastula transition.[1]


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