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Effects of halothane or enflurane with controlled ventilation on auditory evoked potentials.

The effects of increasing concentrations of halothane and enflurane on selected components of the auditory evoked response were studied in 12 patients; six received halothane and six enflurane. After the induction of anaesthesia with thiopentone, anaesthesia was maintained with 70% nitrous oxide in oxygen. Ventilation was controlled. The inspired concentration of the inhalation agent was increased incrementally, halothane in steps of 0.5% up to 2.5%, and enflurane in steps of 1% up to 5%. With both agents, linear dose-related increases were seen in the latencies of waves III, V, Pa and Nb and the interpeak intervals I-V and III-V, with decreases in the amplitudes of Pa and Nb. In five of the patients the inhalation agent was discontinued at the end of the test period, resulting in reversal of the changes in some or all of these waves. End-tidal carbon dioxide tension was controlled and variations of temperature and arterial pressure were insufficient to produce the observed changes. The results show that halothane and enflurane delay neural transmission along the brainstem and cortical sections of the auditory pathway and that the effects of these agents are approximately related to their known anaesthetic potencies.[1]


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