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Secretin-induced histamine release in duodenal-ulcer patients.

Because a majority of duodenal-ulcer patients responded locally to intradermal secretin, skin samples from 7 patients with duodenal ulceration and 6 patients with goitre or cholelithiasis were incubated with "tris" buffer alone and with tris buffer containing 20 C.U./ml synthetic secretin or 100 microng/ml compound 48/80. Skin from duodenal-ulcer patients released significantly more histamine than did that of controls (p less 0-01). Histological examination of skin samples from these patients showed that the number of histamine-containing mast-cells averaged 5-7 per field and dropped to 1-2 per field after incubation with secretin. It is concluded that in a certain type of duodenal ulceration intradermal secretin releases histamine from mast-cells and thus induces a local anaphylactic reaction. This might prove suitable for preclinical ulcer diagnosis and/or for detection of patients at risk of acquiring that disease.[1]


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