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Influence of vasopressin on renal hemodynamics in conscious Brattleboro rats.

The influence of vasopressin on renal hemodynamics was assessed by treating conscious Brattleboro homozygotes ( DI rats) both acutely and chronically with physiologic doses of vasopressin. Intravenous infusions of vasopressin for 1 h, resulting in plasma vasopressin concentrations of less than 1.25, 2.3, and 8.0 pg/ml, respectively, failed to change glomerular filtration rate (GFR) or effective renal blood flow (ERBF) significantly, nor were there significant changes during 5 h of infusion. Body weight was not altered during these infusions. When synthetic vasopressin was given by osmotic minipumps for 10 days, with the rats gaining weight and thus changing the volume of their body fluids, GFR and ERBF increased significantly, by approximately 45 and 55%, respectively. Acute administration of volume alone, as well as acute vasopressin plus acute administration of volume, did not alter GFR or ERBF significantly. The data are compatible with the view that vasopressin, in physiologic plasma concentrations, exerts an influence on renal hemodynamics, that may be mediated through the long-term alteration of body fluid volumes. Alternatively or additionally, prolonged exposure of DI rats to vasopressin may increase their renal hemodynamics through tubuloglomerular feedback.[1]


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