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Arachnoid response to contrast media: a comparison of iophendylate and metrizamide in experimental animals.

Arachnoiditis resulting from administration of intrathecal iophendylate (Pantopaque) was compared with that from metrizamide (Amipaque) in 16 monkeys. Four animals initially underwent metrizamide myelography, eight underwent iophendylate myelography, and four control animals received only cerebrospinal fluid. Twelve weeks later, all 16 animals underwent metrizamide myelography and then histologic studies. Animals receiving iophendylate for the first myelogram differed significantly from the other two groups on inflammation, fibrosis, and myelographic evidence of arachnoiditis. The arachnoiditis produced by iophendylate was more severe than that produced by metrizamide; the iophendylate also produced a more cellular reaction that was qualitatively different from the reaction to metrizamide. This more severe reaction to iophendylate has clinical implications for patients undergoing myelography if the contrast medium is not completely removed from the system after myelography.[1]


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