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Chemical Compound Review

Ethiodan     ethyl 10-(4-iodophenyl)undecanoate

Synonyms: Mulsopaque, Myodil, Myodyl, Neurotrast, Iofendilato, ...
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Disease relevance of IOPHENDYLATE


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Chemical compound and disease context of IOPHENDYLATE


Biological context of IOPHENDYLATE


Anatomical context of IOPHENDYLATE


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Gene context of IOPHENDYLATE

  • Also described is the behavior of this contrast material when using in vitro imaging data obtained from a CSF/Pantopaque phantom [20].
  • Histological studies and CSF analyses show that it is much less irriating than Pantopaque [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IOPHENDYLATE


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