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Disease relevance of Arachnoid


High impact information on Arachnoid

  • Gelatinolytic activity was detected earliest within the matrix of cortical blood vessels and later within neurons and pia arachnoid (> or =3 hours), particularly within piriform cortex; this activity was suppressed by injection of the metalloprotease inhibitor GM6001 or in vitro by the addition of a zinc chelator (1,10-phenanthroline) [6].
  • Here, we report PGDS to be expressed consistently in 10 human arachnoid and arachnoid villi and in 21 meningiomas by immunohistochemistry, Western blot, and reverse transcription (RT)-PCR analyses [1].
  • In contrast, in arachnoid villi, PGDS was seen in core arachnoid cells rather than in the cap cell cluster or arachnoid cell layer [1].
  • Immunoelectron microscopy showed that E-cadherin was localized at the intermediate junctions in arachnoid villi, while it was detected diffusely at the cell surface in meningiomas [7].
  • Both [3H]inulin and bleomycin were cleared from the CSF more slowly than in previous studies and more slowly than in normal dogs, which suggests that bulk CSF absorption was reduced by the drug, probably secondary to protein-induced blockage of the arachnoid granulations through which CSF is normally absorbed [8].

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