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Capping of the dental pulp mechanically exposed to the oral microflora -- a 5 week observation of wound healing in the monkey.

The healing capacity of mechanically exposed and bacterially contaminated dental pulps was assessed in monkeys after capping with 2 commercial Ca(OH)2 containing compounds. One hundred eighty teeth in 7 monkeys were employed, 45 as untreated controls and 135 as treated exposures. Class V buccal cavity preparations resulting in pulpal exposure were prepared, left open to the oral cavity for 0, 1, 24 h or 7 days and employed as controls, or debrided, capped, restored with amalgam and left undisturbed for 5 weeks as treated exposures. Zero and 1 h untreated exposures presented damage from the mechanical trauma only, whereas 24 h and 7 day pulp wounds exhibited pronounced infiltrations of polymorphonuclear and mononuclear leukocytes. In addition, the 7 day exposures demonstrated several teeth with partial and total necrosis. Treated 0, 1 and 24 h exposures demonstrated wound healing, minimal pulp tissue inflammation, reorganization of soft tissue and formation of new hard tissue at the exposure site in 86 of 99 teeth. Treated 7 day exposures healed less frequently, showing signs of dentin bridging in 15 of 27 teeth. This study indicated that mechanically exposed and orally contaminated dental pulps in monkeys have a high capacity to resolve inflammation and initiate healing with new dentin formation at the exposure site when treated as described.[1]


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