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DNA ligase activity in carcinogen-treated human fibroblasts.

In an enzymological approach to study DNA repair mechanisms induced by carcinogen-treatment of mammalian cells, we have investigated how DNA ligase activity is affected by the treatment with several compounds producing different DNA lesions. Stationary cultures of human fibroblasts were exposed to various doses of carcinogens (UV-light at 254 nm, N-acetoxy-acetyl-aminofluorene, ethyl-methane sulfonate, N-methylnitro-nitrosoguanidine, mitomycin C and 4-nitroquinoline-N-oxide) at different time-intervals before preparing crude cellular extracts and assaying for ligase activity. Results have shown that: 1. UV-irradiation, AAAF, 4NQO or MMC treatment of cells induces a two-fold increase in the ligase activity compared to control cells within 48 hours following the treatment. 2. A partial purification of the enzyme from these cellular crude extracts by sedimentation through sucrose gradients has shown: a. DNA ligase activity from control cells presents a profile composed of two distinct peaks sedimenting respectively at about 4S and 7S; b. the carcinogen treatment of either repair-proficient human fibroblasts or repair-deficient xeroderma pigmentosum cells (complementation group A) seems to induce a specific increase of the 4S-form of DNA ligase.[1]


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