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The absence of specific interactions of Sertoli-cell-secreted proteins with antibodies directed against H-Y antigen.

Radiolabeled proteins secreted into the medium by rat Sertoli cells in primary culture have been examined for specific interactions with polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies directed against serologically detectable H-Y antigen(s). None of the proteins secreted by Sertoli cells reacted specifically with H-Y antibodies, as determined with immunoprecipitation procedures and immunoabsorbent affinity chromatography, followed by SDS gel electrophoresis. Radioactivity profiles of proteins obtained after reaction with H-Y antibodies were similar to those observed after treatment with nonimmune sera or with irrelevant antibodies. We obtained comparable findings with proteins secreted by the mouse cell line TM4, which is of presumptive Sertoli cell origin, and with proteins present in ram rete testis fluid. These and other findings presented do not support the contention that Sertoli cells secrete a protein having the properties of serologically detectable H-Y antigen as previously described.[1]


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