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Biliary levels of ceforanide.

Ceforanide levels in plasma, gallbladder bile, gallbladder tissue, and common bile duct were studied in 10 patients with normal biliary tracts and in 35 patients with biliary disease at various intervals after intravenous injection of 1 g of the drug. Peak blood levels were obtained within 1 h of administration (mean, 67 +/- 15 micrograms/ml). Patients with a normal bilary tract, as well as patients with chronic cholecystitis and a patent cystic duct, achieved high gallbladder bile levels of ceforanide within 2 h (mean, 76 +/- 25 micrograms/ml) and attained even higher levels by 4 h (mean, 182 +/- 51 micrograms/ml). However, all patients with chronic cholecystitis and an occluded cystic duct had very low drug concentrations in the gallbladder bile (14 +/- 7 micrograms/ml at 2 h). Despite this difference in gallbladder bile levels, ceforanide levels of 21 +/- 3 micrograms/g were achieved at 1 to 3 h in gallbladder tissue in both groups with chronic cholecystitis. The concentration of ceforanide in common bile duct was 149 +/- 59 micrograms/ml at 2 h after administration, with levels over 60 micrograms/ml present from 1 to 4 h after administration. These results indicate that ceforanide reaches high levels in the biliary tract. Its potential value in the prevention and treatment of biliary infections should be assessed.[1]


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