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Electrophoretic mobility of mouse T-cell hybrids.

The hybrid cell line BH2 was derived by fusion between an AKR thymoma BW5147 (HGPRT-) and C57BL thymoma EL-4R (TK-). The hybrid cells showed a near-tetraploid modal number of chromosomes, in contrast to the near-diploid stem-lines of both parental cell populations; most of the BH2 hybrid cells acquired marker chromosomes from both parental cell lines. Inoculation of the parental and hybrid cells into C57BL and AKR mice revealed that the possible admixture of revertant parental cells in the hybrid cell population was less than 10(-4). Anodic electrophoretic mobilities (AEM) of the mouse thymoma lines and their hybrids were compared with each other and with normal mouse lymphoid cells. The AEM of the parental and hybrid T-cell lines was slower than that of mouse T LNC and comparable with AEM of some thymocyte subsets. The mean AEM of parental and hybrid cell lines was 0.69 micrometers/ sec/V/cm for BW5147 cells, 0.96 for EL-4R cells and 0.83 for BH2 cells, the mean AEM of the hybrid cell population being identical with the mean of the parental AEM values. The mean AEM was found to be a relatively stable characteristic of each cell line.[1]


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