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Extensive methylation of chloroplast DNA by a nuclear gene mutation does not affect chloroplast gene transmission in chlamydomonas.

Based on analysis by high pressure liquid chromatography, greater than 35% of the cytosine residues in chloroplast DNA of vegetative cells were found to be methylated constitutively in the nuclear gene mutation (me-1) of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, which has an otherwise wild-type phenotype. Digestion of chloroplast DNA from vegetative cells and gametes of this mutant with restriction endonucleases Hpa II and Msp I reveals that in the 5'CCGG3' sequence, CpG is methylated extensively, whereas CpC is only methylated occasionally. Hae III (5'GGCC3') digestion of the mutant chloroplast DNA also shows extensive methylation of the GpC sequence. In contrast to the results of Sager and colleagues, which show a correlation between methylation of chloroplast DNA and transmission of chloroplast genes in crosses, our results with crosses of the me-1 mutant suggest that extensive chloroplast DNa methylation may be insufficient to account for the pattern of inheritance of chloroplast genes in Chlamydomonas.[1]


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