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Allylamine cardiotoxicity--IV. Metabolism to acrolein by cardiovascular tissues.

Acrolein was detected in homogenates of rat aorta, lung, skeletal muscle, and heart incubated with allylamine. Semicarbazide and hydralazine, which protect against allylamine-induced myocardial injury in vivo in the rat, inhibited acrolein formation. Hydrogen peroxide, a product of oxidative deamination, was generated during allylamine oxidation. Acrolein was also produced from allylamine by bovine plasma amine oxidase and porcine kidney diamine oxidase but not by rat liver or brain homogenates. Allylamine competitively inhibited benzylamine oxidation in rat aorta, but pargyline-sensitive monoamine oxidase was not involved in acrolein production. The high activity in aorta, the competition with benzylamine, and the sensitivity to benzylamine oxidase inhibitors indicate that benzylamine oxidase is the active enzyme in oxidizing allylamine. The formation of acrolein may be the basis of the cardiotoxic action of allylamine.[1]


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