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The topology of epoxide hydratase and benzpyrene monooxygenase in the endoplasmic reticulum of rat liver.

The distributions of benzpyrene monooxygenase and epoxide hydratase in subfractions of liver microsomes from control and from phenobarbital- and methylcholanthrene-treated rats have been investigated. The specific activities of these enzymes in rough and smooth microsomes from control and phenobarbital-treated animals are approximately the same, whereas after methylcholanthrene treatment benzpyrene monooxygenase is four times higher and epoxide hydratase twice as high in the rough vesicles. Further subfractionation of rough and smooth microsomes by rate differential centrifugation revealed the distributions of both enzymes among microsomal vesicles to be highly heterogeneous. Comparison of these distributions leads to the conclusion that the benzpyrene monooxygenase system and epoxide hydratase may form a complex of unique stoichiometry in the membrane of microsomes from control rats, but that such a complex is not consistent with the distributions obtained after methylcholanthrene induction. Studies with proteases and the nonpenetrating chemical reagent diazobenzene sulfonate suggest that epoxide hydratase may be buried deeply in the hydrophobic phase of the membrane of the hepatic endoplasmic reticulum.[1]


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