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Effects of perphenazine and bromocriptine on male accessory sex glands. III. The prostate gland.

The in vivo morphologic effects of androgen, perphenazine (a prolactin release stimulator), and bromocriptine (a prolactin release inhibitor) on the ventral prostate glands of immature intact and castrate C3H/HeJ mice were studied. Normal prostatic stromal and epithelial development was controlled by testicular androgens. Stromal proliferation and epithelial degeneration followed prepubertal castration at 21 d of age. These changes were reversed after 17-19 or 35-37 d of testosterone administration for 2 wk. In castrate mice, perphenazine administration produced near normal epithelial morphology, whereas bromocriptine stimulated principal cell hyperplasia with basal cell enlargement and increased mitotic activity. In the absence of testicular androgens, prolactin may partially control epithelial proliferation.[1]


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