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Sperm penetration into cervical mucus in vitro. II. Human spermatozoa in bovine mucus.

Human spermatozoa pentrate estrous bovine cervical mucus readily in vitro and maintain good motility and viability for a number of hours. They show pronounced unidirectional motion in mucus that has been aligned linearly. Data from tube preparations indicate that human spermatozoa from a given ejaculate travel more rapidly in estrous bovine mucus than in human midcyle mucus. They are prevented from penetrating luteal phase bovine mucus. The results are discussed in relation to a model of the molecular structure of cervical mucus, derived from laser light-scattering spectroscopy. In addition, it is suggested that bovine cervical mucus could be developed as a possible substitute for human cervical mucus in cases of infertility due to deficient endogenous mucus.[1]


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