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Treatment of mouse neoplasms with high doses of tubercidin.

Previous studies from this laboratory demonstrated that a potent inhibitor of nucleoside transport, nitrobenzylthioinosine (NBMPR), protected cultured cells against cytotoxic nucleosides (nebularine, tubercidin, and toyocamycin). NBMPR and its 5'-monophosphate (NBMPR-P) also protected mice against potentially lethal dosage of these agents. This report describes protection of mice from potentially lethal dosages of tubercidin by administration of NBMPR-P and the use of combinations of these agents in treatments of mice bearing transplanted neoplasms. Treatment of mice bearing i.p. implants of the Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, leukemia L1210/TG8, and colon carcinoma 26 with potentially lethal dosages of tubercidin administered together with host-protecting dosages of NBMPR-P resulted in substantial kill of neoplastic cells and long-term survivors. In these experiments, therapeutic effects were achieved at optimal dosages of NBMPR-P, which protected host vital tissues but did not protect neoplastic cells in ascitic fluids (Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells and leukemia L1210/TG8 cells). However, at supraoptimal dosages of NBMPR-P, the occurrence of therapeutic failures which were neoplastic deaths indicated that NBMPR-P also protected the neoplastic ascites cells against tubercidin cytotoxicity. Thus, the selectivity of tubercidin toxicity toward cells of the Ehrlich ascites carcinoma and leukemia L1210/TG8 was modified by NBMPR-P dosage.[1]


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