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Intracoronary adenosine deaminase reduces canine myocardial reactive hyperemia.

We employed intracoronary infusions of calf intestine adenosine deaminase (ADA) to test the hypothesis that adenosine regulates coronary blood flow during myocardial reactive hyperemia (RH). Infusions of 4.5 U ADA/min per kg body weight into the left circumflex coronary artery of 10 open-chest dogs reversibly reduced repayment of flow debt by 30-39% (P less than 0.05) following 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-second coronary occlusions, the percentage reduction being independent of occlusion length. ADA reduced peak RH flow rate (17%, P less than 0.05) only after 5-second occlusions. Intracoronary infusions of [131]ADA in seven dogs produced interstitial ADA concentrations between 1.2 and 13.1 U/ml in perfused myocardium and, in five of these dogs, 131I activity in the cardiac node was 1.8-35 times that of contiguous mediastinal tissue. Theophylline, a specific adenosine antagonist, reduced repayment of flow debt by 27-36% (P less than 0.02) in eight dogs, an effect similar to that of ADA. In six other dogs, ADA plus theophylline did not reduce RH flow debt repayment below that produced by ADA alone. This experiment confirms the contribution of adenosine to myocardial RH but shows that this nucleoside accounts for but a third of volume flow. Other, as yet unidentified, factors are collectively more important.[1]


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