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Comparison of toxicity and mutagenicity of methylnitrosourea, methylnitronitrosoguanidine and ICR-191 among human lymphoblast lines.

The toxic and mutagenic effects of the alkylating agents methylnitrosourea (MNU) and methylnitronitrosoguanidine (MNNG) and of the frameshift mutagen, ICR-191 were compared among 3 human diploid lymphoblast lines, MIT-2, WI-L2 and GM 130. The MIT-2 and WI-L2 lines were both sensitive to the toxic and mutagenic effects of all 3 agents tested. The WI-L2 line was more sensitive to the toxic effects of MNU and MNNG than the MIT-2 line, while it was somewhat less sensitive to the mutagenic effects of these alkylating agents. The GM 130 line was strikingly resistant to both the toxic and mutagenic effects of the alkylating agents. The order of sensitivity to the toxic effect of ICR-191 was MIT-2 greater than WI-L2 greater than GM 130, while the order of sensitivity to the mutagenic effects of this frameshift mutagen was GM 130 greater than MIT-2 greater than WI-L2. These results point to the importance of accounting possible variations in mutability among individuals when extrapolating from any single mutagenicity assay for human risk assessment.[1]


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