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Cerebral and aortic atherosclerosis in Hisayama, Japan.

This study of autopsy cases in the general population of the town, Hisayama, describes the incidence and severity of aortic and cerebral atherosclerosis in Japan. Atherosclerosis was more severe in the aorta than in the cerebral arteries of all age groups and its disparity became more conspicuous with age. In hypertensive cases, atherosclerosis was more severe in both the aorta and the cerebral arteries from and beyond the 6th decade of age. The severity of atherosclerosis in the aorta in those with systolic hypertension was lower under the age of 79 and higher after the age of 80 than in diastolic hypertension; the cerebral arteries were afflicted similarly by the two forms of hypertension. The serum cholesterol level correlated better with the severity of aortic than cerebral atherosclerosis.[1]


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