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Study of bilharzial uropathy by means of hippuran I131 extended renography.

Renal, ureteral, and vesicle functions were evaluated in 209 patients with obstructive lesions of the ureter due to schistosomiasis haematobia (bilharziasis), using Hippuran I131 extended renography. High values for Tmax. and T 1/2 were noted for both kidneys irrespective of radiological diagnosis of a left- or right-sided lesion. A high percentage of residual vesicle urine was demonstrated in a number of patients with bilharzial uro-obstructive lesions. The incidence of vesicoureteral reflux in relation to different lesions was also correlated. The results of this study support the concept that urinary schistosomiasis is a progressive disease which affects mainly the urinary bladder and lower ureter. The data obtained demonstrate the efficacy of extended renography in assessing renal, ureteral, and vesical function in patients with bilharziasis.[1]


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