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Effects of intravenous carbocromene on infarct size following acute coronary artery occlusion and reperfusion in the dog.

The effects of the antianginal drug carbocromene on hemodynamics, infarct size, and arrhythmias after 90 min of coronary artery occlusion and following 30 min reperfusion were investigated in anesthetized, open-chest dogs. Carbocromene led to only slight pressure and rate alterations after ligation and reperfusion whereas untreated animals gave evidence of significant changes in these parameters. Furthermore, contractility remained unaffected by carbocromene but was significantly augmented in the control group after both experimental procedures. Preload (end-diastolic pressure) increased after occlusion and reperfusion in both groups, and this augmentation was permanently higher in the controls than in the carbocromene group. Increases in oxygen consumption and in ST-segment elevation were small after drug treatment but significant in control animals. Infarcted areas were significantly smaller in the carbocromene group than in the controls. Hemorrhage occurred in both groups but the amount was significantly smaller in the drug group. The onset of arrhythmias was delayed in the carbocromene group after ligation and reperfusion so that the mortality was significantly lower as compared to that in the non-treated control animals. Carbocromene possibly exerts metabolic effects on the heart, in addition to its coronary dilating properties, which confer the cardioprotective effects observed in acute canine experiments.[1]


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