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Lysozyme production by a granuloma in vivo: output in blood and lymph in relation to ultrastructure and immunochemistry.

The output of lysozyme into the venous and lymphatic drainage of a B.C.G. experimental granuloma has been studied. There is a massive output of lysozyme by both routes maximal in the lymph at 28 days, and in the serum at 35 days after induction of the granuloma. There is no similar excretion of acid phosphatase. The lactic dehydrogenase level both in blood draining the granuloma and blood draining the normal limb is elevated but not in precise synchrony with lysozyme output. Macrophages in the granuloma show ultrastructural features suggestive of secretion of dense granules, by appearance of electron dense material in the Golgi zone, and condensation therefrom. Granules are discharged on to the surface of lipid droplets, presumably representing attempted phagocytosis, but are not discharged elsewhere on the cell surface. Granules are released by cell disintegration both of macrophages and polymorphs. Lysozyme was demonstrated immunocytochemically in macrophage granules. The macrophages in the granuloma are biosynthetically active as shown by uptake of tritiated tyrosine. The findings support the view that granulomas export lysozyme and that this is due partly to exocytosis of material by macrophages on to the surface of lipid globules and partly to cell disintegration.[1]


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