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Subfornical organ: forebrain site of pressor and dipsogenic action of angiotensin II.

Intracranial injection of angiotensin II (AII) at three brain sites elicited near simultaneous dipsogenic and pressor effects in rats. Both effects were maximal, occurred with the shortest latencies, and at the lowest doses of AII when the cannula terminated precisely within the parenchyma of the subfornical organ (SFO). Pressor effects were produced by SFO injection of a dose of AII (0.1 pg) which approximates plasma AII concentrations at the high end of the physiological range. Both the drinking and pressor effects were blocked by saralasin. Injections of AII at sites immediately adjacent to SFO produced smaller effects with longer latencies. These results ruled out the possibility that SFO injections were effective via leakage to alternative sites. The pressor effect of AII at the SFO remained in animals under chloralose anesthesia, demonstrating that it is not an artifact of drinking behavior. These results indicate that the SFO is a site of AII pressor action, and confirm previous demonstrations that the structure is a site of AII drinking action.[1]


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