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Dietary intakes of preschool children in LA Pa, El Salvador, Central America.

A dietary survey was conducted in a department of El Salvador as part of an assessment of the nutritional status of preschool children. Intake of calories, protein and retinol equivalents were estimated using a 24-hour recall technique. The average daily energy intake for children 1-4 years old was 866 Kcal representing 60% of the 1973 level recommended by the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama ( INCAP), for this age group, and 76% of the recommended level on a body-weight basis. Average protein intake per child per day in the same age group was 31.3 g, which represents 110% of the recommended level for the age group, and 136% of the recommended level on a body weight basis. The estimated retinol equivalent intake was 36% of the recommended allowance. In general, the results of the present study were similar to those obtained in the study carried out in El Salvador by INCAP during the period September-November, 1965.[1]


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