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Effect of psoralen-induced photodermatitis on tryptophan metabolism in rats.

Tryptophan metabolism 'via kynurenine' has been studied in rats before and after induction of experimental light-conditioned dermatitis with psoralen. Tryptophan load in animals during the acute phase of dermatitis (one day after induction) causes a markedly increased urinary excretion of total metabolites in comparison with that obtained before dermatitis. During this phase of the skin disease tryptophan pyrrolase activity is significantly increased and kynureninase activity significantly decreased in liver in respect to the control animals. Kynurenine aminotransferase activity shows no significant variations in both liver and kidneys. After 6 days of dermatitis, when the skin damage is in repair, both the excretory values of the urinary metabolites after L-tryptophan load and the enzymic activities are similar to those before dermatitis.[1]


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