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Photosensitivity Disorders

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Gene context of Photosensitivity Disorders

  • Thus, intracellular porphyrins synthesized from ALA are sufficient to elicit activation of p38 on photosensitization [24].
  • Indeed, TRAF6 dominant negative mutant abolished NF-kappaB activation by PPME photosensitization, and TRAF2 dominant negative mutant was without any effect, and overexpression of IkappaB kinases increased gene transcription controlled by NF-kappaB [16].
  • We have investigated the role of singlet oxygen, an ROS formed by photosensitization, in the regulation of survival signaling via the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) [25].
  • Our data show that photosensitization with the new photosensitizer 9-HPbD could induce the apoptotic death of MCF-7 breast cancer cell and that this death is mediated by stress-activated signal through JNK [26].
  • We conclude that UVB preirradiation and photosensitization result in the generation of V beta 7+ Th2 cells that suppress contact photosensitivity by releasing IL-10 [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Photosensitivity Disorders


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