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Iodine-131 Hippuran for the estimation of renal plasma flow: requirements for radiochemical purity.

For many years iodide-131 Hippuran has been used as a tracer to measure effective renal plasma flow (ERPF). Because of the low renal clearance of free 131I-iodide and the inability to count it separately from 131I-Hippuran, free 131I-iodide will lower the calculated 131I-Hippuran clearance, resulting in a lower estimated ER-PF. This study was performed to establish the maximum allowable radiochemical impurity of free 131I-iodide in 131I-Hippuran preparations for ERPF measurements in continuous clearance studies. A known amount of 123I-iodide was added to the (131I-iodide-free) 131I-Hippuran solution used for continuous infusion clearance studies in nine patients. 123I-iodide activity was used because it can be counted separately from 131I-Hippuran in the infusion solutions and plasma samples while it behaves exactly like 131I-iodide, so that the results obtained with 123I-iodide can be extrapolated to 131I-iodide. After performing the clearance studies, the ERPF was calculated firstly with 131I-Hippuran activity only (= true ERPF) and secondly including the free radioactive iodide activity (= false ERPF) in the clearance formula. As expected, if free 131I-iodide is present in the infusion solution, its concentration in plasma will be highest at the end of the clearance study. The 131I-iodide concentration in plasma relative to the 131I-Hippuran concentration will be higher in patients with high ERPF values.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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