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Differences in the effects of NK1-receptor antagonists, (+/-)-CP 96,345 and CP 99,994, on agonist-induced responses in guinea-pig trachea.

1. The effects of the NK1-receptor antagonists, (+/-)-CP 96,345 and CP 99,994, on NK1-agonist evoked contractions were compared in isolated rings of guinea-pig tracheal smooth muscle. 2. (+/-)-CP 96,345 and CP 99,994 were similarly effective in antagonizing responses evoked by septide, whereas CP 99,994 was more effective than (+/-)-CP 96,345 in inhibiting responses evoked by [Sar9Met11(O2)] substance P. 3. These results suggest that responses to septide and [Sar9Met11(O2)] substance P may be operated via different populations of NK1-receptors.[1]


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