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Identification of CD36 as the first gene dependent on the B-cell differentiation factor Oct-2.

The Oct-2 transcription factor is expressed predominantly in B lymphocytes and has been shown previously to be important for the terminal phase of B-cell differentiation in mice. A number of genes specifically expressed in B cells contain Oct-2-binding sites in their regulatory regions. However, the analysis of expression levels of these genes in Oct-2-deficient B cells revealed that they were unaffected. Hence, there were no genes known that critically depend on Oct-2 for their expression. To understand the molecular basis for the Oct-2 effect on B-cell development, we searched for Oct-2 target genes by subtractive cDNA cloning. We show here that expression of the murine CD36 gene in B cells and macrophages requires a functional Oct-2 protein. Nuclear run-on experiments demonstrate that this gene is regulated transcriptionally by Oct-2. Moreover, CD36 levels correlated with the levels of Oct-2 expression in several mouse B-cell and macrophage cell lines. Finally, compared to wild-type and heterozygous mice, CD36 mRNA levels were markedly reduced in spleens and B-cell-enriched splenocyte fractions from oct-2-/- mice. The data identify CD36 as the first target gene critically dependent on Oct-2 for its expression. Because CD36 expression is also dependent on Oct-2 in vivo, it is a candidate gene through which Oct-2 could affect B-cell differentiation.[1]


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