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The additive miotic effects of dapiprazole and pilocarpine.

BACKGROUND: Since dapiprazole on alpha-adrenergic agent, produces miosis by paralyzing the dilator muscle, and pilocarpine, a parasympathetic drug, causes miosis by affecting the sphincter, we speculated that the two drugs might have additive effects. METHODS: The additive miotic actions of pilocarpine 2% and dapiprazole 0.5% were evaluated by comparing the effects of two drugs given together and alone on the reversal of mydriasis induced by tropicamide (0.5%) and phenylephrine (10%) in one eye each of 60 healthy volunteers. RESULTS: Dapiprazole and pilocarpine together induced miosis significantly faster than each drug alone, showing additive effects. CONCLUSION: Co-administration of dapiprazole and pilocarpine at the end of the eye examination will induce fast pupillary constriction, which might be useful in preventing the development of an acute attack of angle-closure glaucoma in patients with anatomically narrow angles.[1]


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