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GCAP-II: isolation and characterization of the circulating form of human uroguanylin.

The systematic isolation of circulating regulatory peptides which generate cGMP as second messenger resulted in the identification of a novel member of the guanylin family. In the present study we describe the purification and amino acid sequence of a new guanylate cyclase C activating peptide (GCAP-II). GCAP-II contains 24 amino acids in the following sequence: FKTLRTIANDDCELCVNVACTGCL. Its molecular mass is 2597.7 Da. The 16 C-terminal amino acids are identical to uroguanylin from human urine. native and synthetic GCAP-II activate GC-C, the specific guanylate cyclase receptor, of cultured human colon carcinoma (T84) cells. GCAP-II stimulates chloride secretion in isolated human intestinal mucosa mediated by intracellular cGMP increase. GCAP-II specific antibodies were used to localize the peptide by immunohistochemistry in entero-endocrine cells of the colonic mucosa.[1]


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