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Differences in the ratio of RNA encoding two isoforms of the insulin receptor between control and NIDDM patients. The RNA variant without Exon 11 predominates in both groups.

Two alternative forms of the insulin receptor with different affinities for insulin are expressed as a result of alternative splicing of RNA corresponding to exon 11 of the IR gene. The percentage of IR-RNA molecules without exon 11, encoding the high-affinity isoform, was determined by cDNA-mediated PCR amplification of RNA extracts from the quadriceps femoris muscle of healthy control subjects (n = 9) and NIDDM patients (n = 7). In both patients and control individuals, a majority of the IR-RNA molecules contained exon 11. In addition, the proportion of IR-RNA molecules without exon 11 was decreased in patients (21 +/- 1%) compared with control subjects (31 +/- 3%) (P = 0.018). Careful investigation of the kinetics of the PCR-based assay system, as well as the conditions for separation of the PCR products, allowed us to suggest a possible explanation of the discrepant results concerning the alternative splicing presented in previous reports. The diabetic subjects as a group had higher fasting insulin levels and lower insulin-mediated glucose uptake during a euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp (P = 0.042). However, identification of the regulatory pathways leading to the splicing alteration in NIDDM patients requires further investigation.[1]


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