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Gene Review

NIDDM1  -  non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus...

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of NIDDM1


Psychiatry related information on NIDDM1


High impact information on NIDDM1


Chemical compound and disease context of NIDDM1


Biological context of NIDDM1


Anatomical context of NIDDM1


Associations of NIDDM1 with chemical compounds

  • Whereas the first three subgroups did not differ among themselves, they had significantly lower glucose utilization than did the normotensive NIDDM1 patients without microalbuminuria and nondiabetic controls (P < 0.01) [27].
  • Seventy-five NIDDM patients attending the outpatient clinic of the Department of Internal Medicine of the University Hospital in Padua, Italy participated in the cross-sectional part of our study [3].
  • These preliminary results suggest that partial replacement of complex carbohydrates with monounsaturated fatty acids in the diets of patients with NIDDM does not increase the level of LDL cholesterol and may improve glycemic control and the levels of plasma triglycerides and HDL cholesterol [28].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Metformin monotherapy and combination therapy with metformin and sulfonylurea are well tolerated and improve glycemic control and lipid concentrations in patients with NIDDM whose diabetes is poorly controlled with diet or sulfonylurea therapy alone [29].
  • Association studies were performed in 642 Pima subjects (390 with NIDDM and 252 without NIDDM) [24].

Physical interactions of NIDDM1


Regulatory relationships of NIDDM1

  • The frequency of the inactive ALDH2 genotype was higher than that in the normal control subjects (P < 0.002) and that in the NIDDM control subjects (P < 0.003) [33].
  • In contrast, platelet surface expression of CD36 in NIDDM (6.5 +/- 0.56 pmol/mg protein) was not significantly different from those of normal controls despite higher total content of CD36 (32.8 +/- 1.2, pmol/mg protein, p < 0 .01) [34].
  • In response to 40 mU insulin, HKII mRNA in lean control subjects was increased 1.48 +/- 0.18-fold (P < 0.05) but failed to increase significantly in the obese (1.12 +/- 0.24) or NIDDM (1.14 +/- 0.18) groups [35].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Gliclazide administration to NIDDM patients inhibits the increased adhesiveness of diabetic monocytes to endothelial cells and reduces the production of TNF-alpha by these cells [36].
  • We conclude that 1. acute elevation of glucose by 5.5 mmol/L or more can activate PKC beta 2 translocation in controls and NIDDM patients in vivo irrespective of parameters of metabolic control [37].

Other interactions of NIDDM1

  • These subjects were divided into four groups on the basis of BP levels and albumin excretion rate (AER): 28 normotensive normoalbuminuric (NIDDM1), 19 hypertensive normoalbuminuric (NIDDM2), 15 normotensive microalbuminuric (NIDDM3), and 13 hypertensive microalbuminuric patients (NIDDM4) [3].
  • We found some evidence for linkage of T2DM to chromosome 2q approximately 20 cM proximal to the NIDDM1/CAPN10 locus [38].
  • A recent random genome mapping study has localized a locus termed NIDDM2 that maps to the region of chromosome 12 that includes MODY3, one of the three genes responsible for maturity-onset diabetes of the young, a monogenic form of NIDDM characterized by early age of onset and autosomal dominant inheritance [21].
  • Genetic variation in the hepatocyte nuclear factor-1 alpha gene in Danish Caucasians with late-onset NIDDM [21].
  • None of the polymorphism carriers had both aminoacid variants and the total allelic frequency of IRS-1 polymorphisms was about three times higher in patients with NIDDM than in controls (p = 0.02) [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NIDDM1


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