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A radiochemical assay for aminopeptidase N.

We developed an assay for aminopeptidase N ( AmN) in which substrate, Arg-Phe-[3H]anilide (24.9 Ci/mmol), can be used at concentrations (1-200 nM) well below Km (12 microM) and at or below enzyme concentration ([E]). Such reaction conditions simulate those in vivo where peptide hormones in picomolar concentrations (<< Km) are degraded by nano- or micromolar concentrations of enzyme. The Arg-Phe-[3H]anilide:AmN reaction obeyed first-order enzyme kinetics when human serum, human seminal plasma, guinea pig serum, or homogeneous porcine kidney AmN was used as enzyme source and substrate was within the concentration range of 1-200 nM. For porcine AmN, kcat/Km was 1.47 x 10(9) M-1 min-1, kcat 17,640 min-1. Human serum AmN was in a concentration (about 4.6 nM) in great excess over those reported for substrates such as angiotensin III. Several advantages accrue under conditions of first-order enzyme kinetics: (1) Vmax/Km is measured directly. (2) When kcat/Km is known, [E] can be computed in mol/liter. (3) IC50 values for alternative substrates can be taken as Km values. (4) IC50 values for inhibitors are Ki values when Ki >> [E]. Arg-Phe-[3H]anilide can be used to measure AmN activity in the presence of chromophores and fluorophores that interfere with photometric and fluorometric assays. We have confirmed that alleged substrates such as angiotensin III and Met-Lys- and Lys-bradykinin are bound by AmN with high affinities (Km values, 5.7, 9.1, and 14.3 microM). Bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cell cultures were found to possess AmN-like activity.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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