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A monoclonal antibody against Meningococcus group B polysaccharides used to immunocapture and quantify polysialylated NCAM in tissues and biological fluids.

Polysialylated isoforms of neural cell adhesion molecule ( PSA- NCAM) are transiently expressed in many tissues during development and in discrete areas of the adult central nervous system. In pathological situations, they are expressed by poorly differentiated tumor cells of neuroectodermal origin and by regenerating muscle. An ELISA is introduced here to estimate the relative concentrations of PSA- NCAM expressed by tissues or released into biological fluids. In this double-sandwich assay, an anti-PSA antibody (anti-MenB) was adsorbed onto plastic plates and permitted the immunocapture of PSA-bearing molecules. It is demonstrated that these molecules are major NCAM. The second antibody was directed against an amino acid sequence shared by NCAM isoforms in several species. The standard curves were established using Nonidet P40 extracts of human or mouse embryonic brain known to be rich in PSA- NCAM. The sensitivity of the assay allows for quantitation of PSA- NCAM in muscle during regeneration and in small samples of cerebrospinal fluid from patients with medulloblastoma metastasis.[1]


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