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Identification of polymorphic sites of the human bradykinin B2 receptor gene.

The characterization of the genomic organization of the B2 bradykinin receptor gene enabled us to systematically search for polymorphic markers in this gene in a South German cohort (N = 179). We identified at least three polymorphic sites in each of the three exons existing: (i) in exon 1 next to the promoter region, a tandem repeat polymorphism consists of three common alleles, (ii) in exon 2 at nucleotide position 181 of the cDNA a C to T transition leads to an aminoacid substitution from arginine to cysteine in the receptor protein at position 14 (R14C), and (iii) a more complex repeat polymorphism, located in the 3' not-translated region of exon 3, comprises at least two common alleles and two rare variants. These new genetic markers provide valuable tools to elucidate a potential role of a hereditary dysfunction of the B2 bradykinin receptor gene in disorders such as hypertension or ischemic heart disease.[1]


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