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Peptic ulcer and duodenal stenosis: role of Helicobacter pylori infection.

A 17-year-old boy who developed a symptomatic duodenal ulcer at 10 years of age with melena, and was then treated continuously for 6 years with ranitidine therapy that only partially controlled symptoms and peptic lesions, came to us with vomiting due to duodenal bulb stenosis and active ulcer. Four months of omeprazole (40 mg/die o.m.) did not modify the endoscopic picture. The diagnosis of H. pylori infection and its treatment with triple therapy led to the cure of both duodenal ulcer and bulbar stenosis. Afterwards he remained asymptomatic without any lesions or complications for 18 months. This case illustrates that H. pylori eradication: a) is able to cure refractory duodenal ulcer; b) resolves severe complications such as duodenal stenosis.[1]


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