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SCG10 mRNA localization in the hippocampus: comparison with other mRNAs encoding neuronal growth-associated proteins (nGAPs).

SCG10 is a nerve growth factor (NGF)-inducible, neuron-specific protein whose expression is tightly correlated with axonal and/or dendritic growth. We have recently shown that the mRNA encoding SCG10 is expressed at significant levels in certain subsets of neurons in the adult rat brain, while its expression is undetectable or negligible in other non-neuronal tissues. Here we show that regional SCG10 mRNA expression in the adult mouse brain is comparable to that in the rat, however, in the hippocampus its expression profile is distinct. In the mouse, SCG10 mRNA is expressed at high levels in pyramidal cells of CA3-CA4 sub-fields of Ammon's horn and at low levels in the CA1-CA2 sub-fields, while it is found rather uniformly throughout the pyramidal cell layer of the rat hippocampus. SCG10 mRNA is not detectable in the dentate gyrus of the mouse hippocampus, although it is expressed in the rat dentate gyrus. Comparison with other mRNAs encoding neuronal growth-associated proteins (nGAPs) such as GAP-43, MAP2, alpha 1-tubulin and stathmin suggests that dentate granule cells express a different repertoire of neuronal growth-associated genes in mouse and rat.[1]


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