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The location of the third cleavage plane of Xenopus embryos partitions morphogenetic information in animal quartets.

Analysis of the developmental potential of animal quartets (the set of four animal blastomeres isolated from the 8-cell stage Xenopus embryo) provided insight into the manner in which morphogenetic information is distributed along the animal-vegetal axis. Gravity treatments were employed to alter the partitioning plane. Animal quartets isolated from embryos exposed to simulated weightlessness had larger animal blastomeres, and they formed structures such as a groove and a protrusion more often than 1g-control animal quartets. Animal quartets with an unusual non-horizontal third cleavage plane were also found to have a higher frequency of protrusion formation than animal quartets with a typical horizontal cleavage plane. The increase in the frequency seen in simulated weightlessness animal quartets was not due to their increased size. Fusing two animal quartets isolated from hypergravity (3g) exposed embryos (small blastomeres and low incidence of protrusions) did not affect the frequency of protrusion formation. Molecular analyses revealed that a partial induction was associated with the protrusion formation. Transcripts of the dorsal lip specific homeobox gene, goosecoid, and alpha-cardiac actin were detectable by PCR amplification in the animal quartet with a protrusion, and alpha-cardiac actin mRNA was found by whole-mount in situ hybridization to be localized in the protrusion. Taken together, all these results are consistent with the notion that both animal and vegetal information is necessary for normal development and the partitioning of morphogenetic information into animal quartets results in gravity-dependent differential morphogenesis and gene regulation.[1]


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