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Constitutive and virus-induced interferon production by peripheral blood leukocytes.

The production of interferon-alpha (IFN-alpha) by normal human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMNC) was studied using polyclonal antipeptide antibodies designed to react either with all IFN-alpha subtypes or with individual subtypes IFN-alpha 2 or IFN-alpha 4. In this study, we demonstrate the detection of intracellular IFN-alpha in PBMNC using immunofluorescence staining and flow-cytometric analysis. Virtually all cells of the PBMNC population were shown to produce IFN-alpha reactive with all three antisera after stimulation with Sendai virus. The immunofluorescence studies also demonstrated that IFN-alpha is produced by PBMNC in the absence of known viral stimulation but is not secreted in detectable levels. Double-labeling with specific monoclonal antibodies to T and B lymphocytes confirmed that the entire populations of these two cell types produce IFN-alpha, both constitutively and after virus induction. Polymorphonuclear cells (PMNC) isolated from Ficoll-Paque pellets were also shown to contain intracellular IFN-alpha, both before and after virus induction. The finding that all PBMNC produce IFN-alpha constitutively suggests that IFN-alpha may have important regulatory functions in situations other than during overt viral infections.[1]


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