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No dosage effect of recombinational hotspots in the mouse major histocompatibility complex.

The sites of meiotic recombination in the proximal region of the mouse major histocompatibility complex (MHC) are clustered at hotspots. Some MHC haplotypes derived from Asian wild mice increase the frequency of recombination at such hotspots when heterozygous with standard laboratory haplotypes. The wm7 and cas3 haplotypes have a hotspot close to the Lmp-2 gene (Lmp-2 hotspot), and the cas4 haplotype has a hotspot about 100 kilobase (kb) proximal, close to the Pb gene (Pb hotspot). To examine the effect of a double dose of hotspots, we estimated the rate of recombination and determined the location of the breakpoints in crosses of wm7/cas3 and wm7/cas4. In 3570 backcross progeny we identified 29 new recombinants in the H-2K to Ab interval, at a frequency of 0.81%. This frequency is 40-fold higher than in crosses between laboratory haplotypes and very similar to those previously obtained in crosses between these wild and standard laboratory haplotypes. Thus, a double dose of hotspots has no additive effect on the frequency of meiotic recombination. The site-specificity of recombination was also conserved. Twenty-three breakpoints were confined within 5.4 kb in the Lmp-2 hotspot, and six breakpoints from the cas4 cross were located in the Pb hotspot, which we have now confined to a 15 kb segment.[1]


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