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Analytical study of microsomes and isolated subcellular membranes from rat liver. V. Immunological localization of cytochrome b5 by electron microscopy: methodology and application to various subcellular fractions.

The localization of cytochrome b5 on the membranes of various subcellular organelles of rat liver was studied by a cytoimmunological procedure using anti-cytochrome b5/anti-ferritin hybrid antibodies and ferritin as label. For this study, highly purified and biochemically characterized membrane preparations were employed. Outer mitochondrial membranes were found to be heavily labeled by the hybrid antibodies whereas Golgi and plasma membranes were not marked by the reagent. Peroxisome membranes were moderately labeled by the hybrid antibodies, suggesting that they may contain some cytochrome b5. The preparation and purification of hybrid antibodies without peptic digestion is described and an analysis made of the composition of the final reagent product.[1]


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