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CT-guided localizations of pulmonary nodules with methylene blue injections for thoracoscopic resections.

As only peripheral subpleural lesions can be visualized at thoracoscopy, deep nonpalpable pulmonary nodules have to be identified before performing wedge resections. We evaluate the efficiency of computed tomographic (CT) guided methylene blue injections to localize these nodules before their thoracoscopic resection. Twenty-three nodules in 21 patients were preoperatively localized under CT guidance and marked with methylene blue injections. The localizations under CT guidance of the 23 nodules were successful in all cases. The surgeon confirmed accurate localization of 22 nodules. In one case, the injected methylene blue could not be identified during thoracoscopy. Complications of this technique included six cases of asymptomatic pneumothorax, four cases of local and asymptomatic pulmonary hemorrhage, and two cases of fit of coughing. Because of this technique, 22 thoracotomies could be avoided and the duration of the hospital stay was then reduced. Computed tomographic-guided localization with methylene blue injection is a simple, effective, and rapid technique enabling good thoracoscopic surgery results.[1]


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